1. Administrative

    The Administrative Department is made up of the mayor, city manager, and city council.

  2. Compliance

    The Compliance Department provides helpful services for the residents of Eunice.

  3. Eunice Public Library

    The public library provides patrons with a productive learning environment, entertainment, and research options.

  4. Finance

    This department provides helpful resources and services for the community and residents of Eunice.

  5. Fire & Ambulance

    Eunice Fire Department

  6. Golf Course

    The municipal golf course offers several amenities and memberships for all types of golfers during the open season.

  7. Motor Vehicle Department

    The Motor Vehicle Department provides information and services for new or experienced drivers.

  8. Police

    The Police Department is focused on serving the community, working with residents, and providing a safe environment.

  9. Public Works

    Discover helpful information about the Public Works' 5 departments and the numerous cross-trained department employees.

  10. Senior Citizens

    Senior citizens will find helpful services and fun activities.

  11. Recreation

    The youth center offers year round activities for students in elementary, junior high, and high school.