Water & Sewer

Service & Bills

Disconnects are on in the 15th of the month. If you are a full billing cycle behind, you will be subject to disconnect if you do not make arrangements prior to the 10th of the month. There is a drop box next to the front door of City Hall for your convenience or use the express online bill pay to avoid a $50 charge for being late fee.

Water and Sewer Department Worker with Truck

Pay Bills Online

You can now pay your water bill online. You can go Xpress Bill Pay, follow the instructions to set up a new account and start paying online. You can also set up auto payments from this site and also enroll in paperless billing. If you need help, please call technical support at 800-766-2350 or City Hall at 575-394-2576 and we would be glad to set you up.

Service Prices & Rates

  • Disconnect Prices: see form
  • New Water Connections: $75
  • Sewer Tap Price : $100
  • Trash Rates: see form
  • Water Tap Prices: see form